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Women's nightgowns

Discover the range of women's nightshirts from Lingerie Le Chat. With short or long sleeves, they accompany you through the seasons to provide superior comfort and incredible well-being.... Read more

Discover the range of women's nightshirts from Lingerie Le Chat. With short or long sleeves, they accompany you through the seasons to provide superior comfort and incredible well-being. The women's nightshirts from Lingerie Le Chat are made from soft and light materials such as jersey cotton or viscose. The stylists take care of the details with lace inserts and various patterns. Fall for a women's nightshirt from our selection and snuggle up in quality Le Chat clothing.

  • Buttoned nightgowns

    The easy-to-wear nightwear, buttoned in front for unparalleled comfort and convenience. You will love our shapes and colors, there is surely a button-down nightshirt for you at La boutique Le Chat.

  • Cotton nightgowns

    Wrapping yourself in a 100% cotton nightgown is to be seduced by incomparable softness and fluidity, like a caress on the skin. Elegantly designed by Lingerie le Chat, these nightgowns give women an incomparable feeling of comfort and well-being. Let yourself be tempted by our luxury cotton nightgowns, available in various models. Whether you prefer short or long sleeves, or nightgown or shirt styles, every woman will find the item adapted to her style and preferences on Le Chat's shop.

  • Long nightgowns
    Wrap yourself in a cocoon of softness, that is the promise made by our luxury long nightgown. The high-end fabrics selected to make these unique models give them an impeccable quality. Discover the models of long nightgowns and fall for one of them.
  • Lace nightgowns
    Among the brand's flagship models, the lace nightgown holds an important place. Its unique style combining elegance and authenticity delights and suits a large number of women.
  • Patterned nightgowns
    The patterned nightgown represents the perfect balance between femininity and comfort. To sleep properly, it is essential to wear clothes that follow the slightest movements of the body. At Le Chat, we have designed models that offer you real well-being. Our collection promises you very beautiful nights!
  • Solid nightgowns
    The plain nightgown is a comfortable outfit that fits all your needs for comfort and elegance. Discover our amazing collection!
  • Women's tunic
    Looking for a nightgown to lounge in? Discover the new women's nightgown models from Lingerie le Chat. A selection that will delight elegant women from evening to morning. This timeless, button-down model is an essential nightwear. The women's nightgown is a practical and easy-to-wear garment. When you get out of bed, after your toilette or on the weekend, the nightgown is an outfit that will easily slip into your wardrobe, until it becomes a must-have!
  • Plus size nightgowns

    Lingerie Le Chat offers a wide selection of plus size nightgowns, designed to provide optimal comfort and elegant style to women of all shapes and sizes. Our plus size nightgowns are made from superior quality materials, carefully selected for their softness and durability. We believe that all women deserve comfortable and elegant nightwear, and that is exactly what our plus size nightgown models offer. Wrap yourself in softness all year round, our plus size nightgowns come in different summer or winter models. With two collections a year, you will have the choice of the model and cut of your next plus size nightgown.

  • Viscose nightgowns
    The viscose nightgown, a nightwear model that will offer you the comfort and softness you have always dreamed of for a peaceful night's sleep. Made from wood pulp viscose, our nightgowns are endowed with incomparable softness. We have chosen this natural and renewable material for its lightness and breathability, it offers you an ultimate sleep experience. Bamboo viscose is also environmentally friendly and healthy. These arguments make the viscose nightgown an incomparable asset for sleeping peacefully.
  • Warm nightgowns

    The designers at Le Chat have designed warm nightshirts to provide you with ultimate softness and comfort during cold winter nights. Made from superior quality materials such as jersey cotton, microfleece or cashmere, our nightshirts are soft, comfortable and breathable. We have chosen these materials for their ability to retain body heat while allowing the skin to breathe. This piece from our Fall-winter collection is a must-have for all wardrobes. The warm nightshirt is an essential for spending your winter evenings at home without fear of the cold.

  • Cocooning nightgowns
    A peaceful and serene night, enveloped in infinite softness, is this an unattainable dream? Disabuse yourselves, dear visitors. Let us reveal to you a well-kept secret, a treasure nestled in the heart of our online store: the cocooning nightgown. Designed to transport you to a world of comfort and pleasure, this wonderful creation will revolutionize your nights. Through these lines, let yourself be seduced by its incomparable qualities and irresistible assets.
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Solid, multicolored, with touches of lace, short or long ... The range of quality women's nightgowns that we offer you will not fail to catch your eye, so elegant and original in its choices. Treat yourself to a peaceful sleep and moments filled with exquisite comfort in our clothes, whether you are about to slip into your women's nightgown or enjoy a day of relaxation at home. With Lingerie Le Chat, take care of your look until the end of the night, your women's nightgown is designed to be worn at any time of the day.


Their elegant cuts of the most beautiful effect give you comfort and elegance in all circumstances. Free yourself from any embarrassment by choosing a long women's nightgown or short that respects your body. From now on, you can leave aside the nightwear that tightens you or the large t-shirts that do not enhance you. Our models have different shapes, sizes and styles such as short or long sleeves, slits on the side, a round or shirt collar, buttoned or crossed, etc. The common point of these items is that they always combine quality, femininity and relaxation to offer you a superb collection.


According to your opinions, the choice of the color of your women's nightgown is important for you to feel comfortable and confident during the night. It all depends on your preferences and your mood. If you prefer bright and energetic colors, you can opt for red or orange nightgowns. Pastel tones such as pink and light blue are perfect for a soft and feminine atmosphere. Dark colors such as black and gray create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. Don't forget that the color you choose can have an effect on your happiness and your state of mind, so choose the one that suits you best.

At Le Chat, the material of nightwear is king

Cotton, modal, viscose... All the materials offered are selected for their resistance and the feeling of well-being they provide. Our teams do a phenomenal job to select the most beautiful nightshirts for you, but also the pajamas and nightdresses that will complete your night wardrobe. Find now the quality nightshirt for women among our novelties, the one you can't do without and which will quickly become one of your favorite clothes in your wardrobe.


Our women's nightshirts are ideal for a cozy evening at home. Choose a soft and comfortable nightshirt in cotton or flannel to feel comfortable and relaxed. Also opt for a long and loose cut, guaranteed success to relax during a cozy evening. The plaid patterns or floral prints will add a touch of charm to your nightwear all year round. Soft colors like beige, pale pink or gray are ideal for creating a soft atmosphere. Finally, Le Chat nightshirts are perfect for relaxing at home, reading a book or watching a movie in peace.


Our pattern makers make many sizes for your comfort, the quality of our cuts allows the clothes to adapt to all women's bodies. Our nightshirt models are tested and approved by a large panel so that they can enjoy perfect comfort. You just have to make your selection and choose the shape and color that enhances your curves and complexion. In addition, shipping is free from ?60 purchase, so let yourself be charmed by nightshirts whose manufacture is synonymous with a renowned know-how since 1946.