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A family story

Since 1946, we've been creating lingerie and homewear that women feel good in.


With its silk factories, workshops and dyeing factories, the small town of Chauffailles and its surrounding area have long been at the heart of the textile industry. It was here, at the foot of the mountains, that Antoine Durand opened his weaving workshop. And so the story of Le Chat Lingerie began - through contact with the fabrics.


Aimée Durand took over from her father, Antoine. Joined by her husband, Jean Chalumet, she created the brand ‘Du Chat’ (Durand + Chalumet). They had the idea of moving beyond fabric manufacture and into making finished products. This led to a full-length slip with fine straps that every French woman wore under her dress.


Aimée and Jean certainly had the right idea. Their small business grew rapidly and certain designs were selling over 120,000 units in a single year. French women loved these full-length slips that were perfectly suited to their outfits, felt so wonderful and never seemed to wear out. Du Chat made them using ‘Indémaillable’, a new polyamide fabric that was both flexible and hard-wearing.

The 1960s

Le Chat Lingerie became France’s second most popular brand of full-length slips. Designs were named ‘Claire’ and ‘Muriel’ to reflect the new generations of French women who were wearing them. The collections were inspired by feminine icons of their time, including ‘Doris’ - a nod to the American actress Doris Day, whose energy and laid-back elegance were universally admired.


Women’s lives had changed, and so had their needs and wardrobes. Aimée Durand and Jean Chalumet passed the company onto their son, Claude, and his wife, Anne; together they developed the brand towards a new market: nightwear. That same year, ‘Du Chat’ became ‘Le Chat’ and made its debut in major Parisian department stores.


At a time France was yearning for comfort and cosiness, Le Chat launched its first loungewear line. The brand introduced new fabrics that were softer and even more comfortable. This was the era of velvet jogging suits and fleece jumpsuits. With the image of a woman comfortably immersed in a novel, the new logo was right on target.


New branding and developing sales across Europe: the brand continued to move with the times. However, while throwaway fashion was beginning to take hold on the market, Le Chat stood out for demanding quality and durability. A lot had changed since the early days of slips and petticoats, but one thing remained steadfast: the spirit that gave birth to the brand.

The early 2000s

The globalization that had started in the 80s and 90s gained momentum. Le Chat’s high quality and very French spirit were a big hit in Russia, China, the Middle East, the United States and more, with the brand being distributed in more than 30 countries. How do you say, "I feel so good in my Le Chat"?


Grégoire Chalumet took over the business from his parents, initiating a new era for the brand with the launch of the online shop, Fans of the brand now had the choice of buying online or from 1,000 retailers around the world. And, as always, the brand continued to apply its signature touch through listening, advice and impeccable service


Inspired by the brand’s iconic full-length slip, LE CHAT officially launched its beachwear range in 2013. From nightwear to beachwear: women could make the most of the brand’s expertise, even on holiday. Say yes to being cosy, but also yes to sunshine! Le Chat’s mission: to be at your side all year round through all of life’s moments, big or small, and that includes the beach.
Our designs were easy to slip on after taking a dip or lounging by the pool, comfortable without compromising on elegance, offering the French chic that’s a must-have on sunny days.
Fabrics, cuts and shapes that perfectly match your summer routines. You’re beautiful in summer.


This was an historic year for the brand and cause for celebration: 70 years! It was the ideal occasion to rummage through the archives and treasures of LE CHAT then share them at events and cocktails, when meeting our partners, clients and teams. It was a great time to celebrate the longevity of the brand, to be proud of what we had achieved and to start planning the next chapter in the story.


The 1st of September 2018 marked a new turning point in the history of the brand. LE CHAT opened its first boutique in Lyon, its hometown, in the very chic and central 6th arrondissement. This concept store is dedicated to the home, softness, comfort and well-being. It’s a place where people love to linger and rummage, to look at and touch everything, and which brings together everything we enjoy sharing: our favourite labels, the crafts that inspire us and that embody the values of our brand and that complement our selection of LE CHAT's own creations. Welcome home.


Le Chat launches a new line of timeless classics - Les Intemporelles - to complement our seasonal collections. This line brings together five of our iconic shapes, in a range of timeless colours (navy, grey fleck, rosewood and ecru).
Les Intemporelles is all about sustainability, made from natural materials that are a joy to wear throughout the seasons.
Durability and timelessness: when a product is simple and beautiful, you know it will never go out of fashion.