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Bathrobes & Dressing gowns

Dive into an unparalleled world of comfort with our exclusive collection of bathrobes and dressing gowns for women. Le Chat's high-end lingerie selection perfectly... Read more

Dive into an unparalleled world of comfort with our exclusive collection of bathrobes and dressing gowns for women. Le Chat's high-end lingerie selection perfectly combines style, comfort and durability. Fall in love with a dressing gown crafted with meticulous know-how that invites you to relax in any season. Whether you are looking for a cozy dressing gown to snuggle up in during the winter, or a bathrobe made of a light material for summer nights, our complete range will meet your needs. With our dressing gowns for women, experience exceptional softness, unique style and luxury accessible to all. Browse our collection now and let yourself be seduced by our world of refinement and happiness.

  • Buttoned dressing gowns

    The bathrobe and the button-down dressing gown from Lingerie Le Chat are great classics of the homewear range. The garment elegantly dresses you when you go to bed or during your cocooning days at home.

  • Women's zip-up...
    Take some time for yourself now, while feeling comfortable in your outfit. Lingerie Le Chat has created, just for you, a homewear collection of bathrobes and zippered women's nightgowns. Enjoy it, our cocooning clothes adapt to all body shapes.
  • Crossed dressing gowns
    The Crossed Robe from Lingerie Le Chat is the symbol of a relaxing day. This loungewear meets all the criteria to give you an intense cocooning moment, while still being feminine. Don't wait any longer to discover this trendy and comfortable collection.
  • Cashmere dressing gowns
    Discover our range of bathrobes and cashmere dressing gowns from Le Chat. Wrap yourself in a cocoon of softness and enjoy the many benefits of such a precious fiber. The quality of our loungewear meets all your requirements for your greatest pleasure.
  • Luxury women's fleece...

    Find without waiting the women's polar fleece robe from the luxurious brand Lingerie Le Chat. This warm to the touch robe will accompany you throughout the winter. Do not neglect your comfort and wrap yourself in a loungewear with incomparable softness and suppleness. The polar fleece used for our luxury robes is a warm, hypoallergenic fabric ideal for long winter evenings. Made from recycled fibers, our unique formula allows our polar fleece robes to be more resistant, thicker and less irritating.

  • Women's plush dressing...
    Lingerie Le Chat invites you to discover its collection of women's plush touch robes that will not fail to surprise you with its incredible softness. Let yourself be tempted by the pleasant sensation that the garment gives on your skin. With this outfit, your winter will be the most comfortable.
  • Terry cloth bathrobes
    The terry cloth robe Le Chat offers you a well-deserved dose of comfort after a bath. The many qualities of this homewear make it a must-have piece in your wardrobe. You won't be disappointed by its soft and silky touch and its incredible absorption capacity.
  • Cotton gaze dressing...

    The cotton gauze robe for women offers you a unique moment of happiness. Wrap yourself in this cocoon of softness with an elegant and feminine style. Thanks to its soft and absorbent material, you can wear it as homewear as well as after a bath. Relaxation guaranteed!

  • Warm dressing gowns

    Feeling like snuggling up in a warm dressing gown this winter? Indulge in the new collection of warm dressing gowns for women from Lingerie le Chat. A carefully crafted set of items to face the winter in the best conditions. Always made with the finest materials, the warm dressing gowns for women from Lingerie le Chat respect a quality commitment by displaying the OEKO-TEX® label. Don't wait any longer and order your dressing gown online!

  • Long women's dressing...

    Discover the timeless elegance and artisanal craftsmanship of long robes for women from the Le Chat brand. Since 1946, we have been French makers of high-end loungewear, offering a perfect balance between comfort and style. Dive into the luxurious world of our long robes and let yourself be enveloped in a cocoon of softness and sophistication.

  • Solid color women's...

    Discover the ultimate elegance and comfort of Le Chat's solid women's robes. Immerse yourself in the luxurious world of our new collection and let yourself be seduced by pieces of exceptional quality, designed to offer you an unparalleled well-being experience. Let us wrap you in softness and style with our solid women's robes, a testament to Le Chat's artisanal know-how.

  • Plus size women's...

    Welcome to the refined world of Le Chat brand, specialist in the making of women's plus size robes. We are proud to present our high-end clothing collection that combines comfort, elegance and artisanal know-how. Discover now our robes designed especially for women who want to feel beautiful and elegant at home.

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Lingerie Le Chat's Luxury Women's Robe and Bathrobe

How can you resist the urge to wrap yourself in one of Lingerie Le Chat's luxurious robes or bathrobes? From synthetic fur, cashmere, or Liberty fabric, short or long, this essential loungewear comes in different styles and there is something for everyone. You will surely fall in love with its soft touch and absolute comfort. Paired with a pajama or nightgown, this garment will give you a true feeling of well-being and a very refined look. Cocooning mode activated!


Each robe and bathrobe in our women's collection is a true cocoon of softness. Lingerie Le Chat favors noble and high-end materials to guarantee impeccable quality. Opt for the enveloping softness of a terry cloth bathrobe, the extreme warmth of a cashmere bathrobe, or the timeless elegance of a cotton gauze model. Our creations guarantee you an unparalleled touch experience and an incomparable feeling of well-being. Wrap yourself in comfort and luxury with our women's robes and bathrobes.


At Lingerie Le Chat, the luxury women's robe is not only synonymous with comfort, but also with style. Our range offers zipped, crossed, or buttoned models, to satisfy all your desires and give you the look you want. Perfectly associable with a pajama or a nightgown, our robes will enhance your loungewear for a top cocooning look. Make your choice from our refined pieces, with careful details and impeccable finishes. Opt for elegance at home with Lingerie Le Chat's luxury robes and bathrobes.

Le Chat: Quality Above All

We adapt to your desires by offering you outfits that meet your expectations, in terms of relaxation and elegance. It is important for us to design high-end pieces, in fabrics from the best textile industries. The Maison Le Chat is proud of its reputation, which comes from its degree of excellence and the meticulous work of its teams. We want every woman to feel good in our clothes and that is why we create pieces and sets that adapt to each morphology and each size. Enjoy it now!


When you choose a piece from Maison Le Chat, you choose a garment thought out in the smallest details for your comfort and well-being. Our women's items have been designed with special attention to shape, to flatter and adapt to each morphology. The adjustable belt allows for perfect cinching at the waist, while the sleeves and pockets are cleverly placed for both style and functionality. From fluid cuts to more structured lines, our models meet your desires for relaxation and elegance without compromise.


Maison Le Chat is committed to making luxury accessible to all, which is why we offer a range of sizes, from XS to XXL. We design our models to fit perfectly to your body, whatever your size or shape. By choosing Le Chat, you are opting for a brand that values diversity and inclusion. Our teams work with passion so that every woman can find the piece that suits her and feel comfortable. No more compromises between comfort and elegance, discover our collection now and be charmed by the quality of a women's robe.