Behind the scenes at LE CHAT...

The clothes that you wear are the result of careful, passionate design..
From our first moment of inspiration to the final alterations and beyond, follow the crucial stages in the life of our collections. Know-how and expertise apply at every moment in the creative process.

OUR creation

Every new season is a time of great excitement, a time when our creativity is given free rein.First, there's the inspiration, which comes from everything around us: life, trends, nature, art, design, or sometimes just a whim or an emotion...Then it's off to our design studio, where our mood boards are filled with photos, colour charts, material samples and other finds.Our team of stylists brings that inspiration to life, selecting fabrics, designing shapes, fleshing out the details and taking care of the finishing touches.

In the first hours of its life, your garment passes through the hands of our pattern-makers who bring the creations to life in our design office. This is the crucial moment when the product really takes shape: perfecting the assembly lines, adjusting the measurements of the materials, cutting and sewing - then the first prototype is born.Then it's time for fittings, alterations and tests, as our teams of stylists and pattern-makers work devotedly hand in hand to perfect each garment as, one by one, they come to life.From this bustling hive of activity in the heart of France’s Saône-et-Loire region comes a new collection that is both undeniably Le Chat and perfectly in tune with the times. The next stage is production.


We demand a job well done.

That's why we work in complete confidence with our long-standing partners, whose expertise and care in manufacturing our collections has been well established. Our garments are made to our exacting standards, just as we designed and developed them in our design studios and research department. We entrust our workshops in Tunisia and Morocco with the cutting and assembly, according to our placement and assembly instructions.

Our partner factories work with us in complete transparency, their doors are always open to us so we can visit throughout the process for our collections. We are never far from our creations.


From the workshops to our premises. Be patient, our products will soon be in your hands! First, we scrupulously check each garment: we are absolutely meticulous about our standards.

As each batch is received, we carry out washing and quality tests, measurements and finishing touches. Nothing is left to chance.  

And if we find any faults? Out! They will never reach our clients. Rest assured, we check everything.


Finally! Our collection has come to life, it’s perfect and is ready to appear in one of your favourite stores.

It’s time to pass the baton to our sales teams who work with trusted partners old and new across more than 25 different countries.

You can finally discover our new collections in Galeries Lafayette, Printemps, in our online boutique or in a whole range of multi-brand stores.


Once you've chosen one of our garments to join you in life’s great moments (and what a good choice you’ve made!), it's time for your orders to be dispatched.

We prepare each parcel meticulously at our premises in Saône-et-Loire. Each item is folded with the utmost care and checked one last time before being dispatched directly to you or to our retailers in France and around the world.


With LE CHAT, quality is ever-present. Our passion for a job well done continues even after the garment reaches your home.
Are you unsure about the size, or have a question or problem? We’re always on-hand. For us, good after-sales service and advice are just as important as developing our collections in the first place. We are available and ready to help. .

At every stage in the life of a garment, there is a dedicated, expert and devoted team. We check every stage of the process right through to delivery, and we’re always close at hand.
It's no coincidence that you love LE CHAT...