28 juin 2022

How to get a great night’s sleep this summer

How to get a great night’s sleep this summer

It’s not always easy to fall asleep when temperatures are soaring. The heat and the lack of humidity make it hard to sleep no matter how tired you feel. So how can you get a great night’s sleep this summer? Here are our top tips for slipping to slumberland as quickly as possible. Firstly, you need to be wearing the right garments. Opt for fabrics and designs that let your skin breathe. It also helps if you can get some fresh air into your home and make sure you stay well hydrated throughout the day. We’ll tell you everything you need to know so you can fall asleep even in a heatwave!


To avoid tossing and turning for hours on end, you have to make sure that you’ve chosen the right kind of nightwear. Are you wondering how to stop feeling hot in the night? Forget synthetic fabrics: you need to opt for natural fibres that allow the air to circulate, and regulate your temperature. These light, fluid fabrics will limit perspiration and feel great against the skin. Here’s our advice on how to choose the fabric that will give you a peaceful sleep despite the heat.


Thanks to its insulating properties, silk actually allows you a cool night’s sleep during the summer season. Indeed, this natural fibre adapts to high temperatures as effectively as it adapts to the cold. As well as its thermo-regulating powers, silk has the added bonus of feeling seductively smooth and fabulous to wear.

Here at Lingerie Le Chat, we’ve designed an entire range that’s 100% silk. Let yourself fall for the temptation of timeless, refined designs: from babydoll nightdresses and kimonos to pyjamas and camisoles, you’ll find something you love. Ensuring your well-being and elegance is always at the heart of our work.


Cotton is also an excellent choice if you want to sleep well this summer. It is an absorbent fabric, which helps you to relax as you sleep. Its effectiveness has long been proven as a great choice for wearing in the hottest of climates. That’s why cotton reigns supreme when it comes to nightwear. A plant-based fibre, it has several advantages, being soft, breathable and suitable for those with sensitive skins and allergies.

Loose-weave cotton gauze is the very lightest version of this fabric, and one of the best choices when you’re facing hot summer nights. It’s especially appealing because it’s so light and airy and quick-drying. In other words, it’s a great ally for the sultry season.

Jersey fabric that blends cotton and modal is another option to help you get a restful sleep. Supple and ultra-soft to the touch, cotton jersey can limit possible odours and bacteria, a practicality that adds to its many aesthetic advantages.


You’d never guess, but viscose is created using plant-based materials such as wood pulp. This explains why it is sometimes labelled as ‘a synthetic fibre of natural origins’. The even better news is that this wonderful fabric is light and soft and doesn’t retain heat.


Are you asking yourself, ‘How can I get to sleep when it’s so hot?’ The first thing to do is to choose easy-flowing nightwear so you can feel absolutely at ease while you sleep. Set aside anything that’s too figure-hugging, and opt for airy pyjamas.


If you prefer to sleep in pyjama bottoms, it’s best to look for loose-fit designs at this time of year. You can team them up with a T-shirt or simple vest top. If the heat keeps rising, you can also go for PJ shorts. Match them up with a camisole or shirt-style top and you’ll still make an entrance, even if it’s just to the bedroom!

The spring-summer designs from Le Chat have been worked on down to the finest detail by our team, to ensure that they bring comfort and pleasure every time you wear them. Whether you prefer button-front nightshirts, short-sleeve T-shirts, PJ shorts or wide-leg bottoms, you’ll be spoilt for choice. We like to spoil you a little at Le Chat!


A nightshirt is one of the best choices for slipping between the sheets without suffering the heat. Short or long, a nightdress will clothe you in elegance and finesse.

You can add a playful touch thanks to our colourful collections. From classic designs to florals and abstract patterns, there’s something for every taste.


With their slim straps, babydoll nightdresses are a summer must-have. Their shape offers unparalleled freedom of movement and they turn the simple act of going to bed into an indulgence. This summer, Le Chat’s babydoll nightdresses are lively and charming. From pink to sage-green and every colour in between, it’s time for sweetness and light!


When it’s really too hot in the bedroom, even the perfect nightwear cannot be enough. We need to feel fresh and cool. Once you’ve chosen the right fabric for your nightwear, you also have to consider your bedding. Again, it’s best to opt for breathable fabrics.

It’s also important to sleep in a room where the air can circulate. You can get natural ventilation by creating a draught. Alternatively, you might try air-conditioning or a fan to circulate the air and cool down the room. Ideally, your bedroom will be at 19°C for a good night’s sleep.

Hydration is another key factor. Water is your best ally, particularly when it comes to restful sleep. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day and even before you go to bed.

Another tip is to take a cold shower before you head to bed. If there’s a heatwave, you can also take a cold, damp towel or flannel with you to bed, to help keep your temperature down.

So, if you were wondering how can I get a great night’s sleep this summer? Hopefully our advice will give you plenty of options to feel more comfortable. And when it comes to nightwear, prioritise your well-being and choose a quality garment from Le Chat. Browse our collections and you’re sure to fall for something fabulous that will combine comfort and elegance: exactly what you need to rest easy.

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