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Short pajamas

Discover our collection of shorts pajamas for women, elegant and comfortable items perfect for the summer period or for a light sleep. Made with soft and pleasant fabrics such as cotton,... Read more

Discover our collection of shorts pajamas for women, elegant and comfortable items perfect for the summer period or for a light sleep. Made with soft and pleasant fabrics such as cotton, these nightwear items guarantee you optimal well-being. Our pajamas are composed of comfortable bottoms, in the form of shorts, for maximum freedom of movement during the night. The tops with short or no sleeves are also designed to provide you with excellent nocturnal comfort. The Cat, an expert in creating shorts pajamas for women, offers quality and comfort for each of its products.

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To sleep soundly, it is essential to opt for a loose and elastic women's pajama. This will allow you to move freely, without any constraint from bedtime to waking up. The women's short pajama is an essential item to have in your wardrobe if you want to be comfortable during your sleep. Multicolored, patterned or in a single color, we offer you a wide range of short pajamas. Whether you are a fan of fancy style or more attracted to a more classic look, you will find the pajama bottom of your dreams in our shop. The short pajama is an alternative to trousers that is more suitable for hot summer nights. It also better meets the expectations of women who prefer to sleep in light clothing. Paired with a sweat, a t-shirt, a shirt or a tank top, it allows you to enjoy a cozy outfit. This is worn at night with a pajama top or during your cocooning days at home.

No more tight shorts

The designers of the Le Chat brand think that every woman should have a nightwear in which she feels good. That is why our women's pajama shorts have an elastic waist and a drawstring that keeps the garment in place without being uncomfortable to wear. This product is really ideal for spending summer evenings cool. You can vary your nightwear by also opting for a nightdress, these items are a must-have in your summer wardrobe.

Shorts with careful finishes

Are you looking for a trendy and distinguished outfit? If so, you are in the right place. Le Chat is renowned for its expertise in nightwear and offers you a multitude of details such as topstitching, lace, mother-of-pearl buttons, etc. Depending on your desires, opt for a pajama short with short or no sleeves, succumb to our articles adorned with a bright colored border or a chest pocket to store your small items. A multitude of details are hidden in our pajama bottoms, so don't miss out when you make your choice.

Women's Pajama Shorts: An Ultra Comfortable Nightwear

To choose the ideal nightwear, it is necessary to know the characteristics of the different materials. Cotton pajama shorts are appreciated for their softness, comfort and hypoallergenic properties, insulation. In addition, it is a strong textile that does not deteriorate over time provided that the washing conditions are respected. Silk, on the other hand, stands out for its second skin effect and the thermal regulation of the body it provides. Thus, it is possible to wear it whatever the season. It leaves your skin breathing during the summer while it warms it in winter. The lightness and suppleness of this natural fiber make it a fabric of choice. Viscose offers a very pleasant feel to the touch. Its breathable and absorbent power delights many women concerned about their well-being. At Le Chat, we work with care to create collections of pajamas adapted to your every need in terms of comfort and elegance.

High quality materials for shorts that last

The women's pajama shorts from the Le Chat brand are made from high quality materials such as cotton, viscose and silk, sourced in Europe. These natural fabrics are appreciated for their softness, lightness and comfort, making them the ideal choice for a quality sleep. From breathable and hypoallergenic cotton to luxurious silk, each material has been selected to offer you an optimal sleep experience. Our pajama shorts are also easy to maintain, guaranteeing maximum resistance and durability.

Buying guide to choose your pyjashort

Difficult to find the perfect model? Follow our few tips to buy your pajama short. First think about the colors you want to wear, which ones soothe you or motivate you? Rather bright colors or pastel tones... It's up to you. Then the size and shape of the garment must fit you perfectly, loose cut if you like to be free in your movements, tight cut if you want to be held during the night. Last step the print and the details, if you like clothes worked with lace inserts, topstitching and embroidery we recommend you to choose among our most elaborate products. However, if you prefer sobriety, then Le Chat has designed an timeless pyjashort that will easily find its place in your wardrobe.